Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows!

An unexpected meeting in the office

A few weeks ago I drove to the office to prepare it for my two-week vacation. During the process of cleaning fountains, throwing out flowers, and garbage disposal, a woman stood at the threshold of my office, beaming, and asked if she could come in briefly. We talked about clearing out and Feng Shui until she looked at me with serious eyes and asked hopefully, “You know, my apartment is very noisy because of neighbors. Feng Shui won’t be able to help me here, right?” Honestly, I agreed with her point. Feng Shui can’t silence her neighbors or the busy road nearby. It also can’t magic away an unattractive tile floor. But you do have one tool in your toolbelt…

…where attention goes, energy flows!

During times of housing shortages in big cities, compromises have to be made when looking for housing. The result: People are often always thinking of looking for a new, quieter, more suitable apartment for their needs. Imagine that you’re ​​looking for a new partner that will better match your desires and ideals. How do you think this mental attitude will affect your current partnership? The solution: Focus on the beautiful things that your living space offers you. Simply start with feeling gratitude that your rooms offer you protection, keep you safe, and give you space to unwind. For the next 28 days, focus solely on the beautiful things your living space offers you. Wish your space a “good morning” and a “good night”. Welcome it with a “hello” and say goodbye with a “see you later”. I guarantee you that everything that disturbs you will disappear from your field of vision. You will feel much better, happier, and more balanced. The result: You will have more clarity and energy at your fingertips! You’ll experience life more intensely and recognize opportunities that have previously gone undetected. What I have described to you today is another form of Feng Shui, which is not used often enough, but is many times more effective than the Feng Shui most people know about. You will find more information in my upcoming blogs and newsletter! So now, it’s your turn to fall in love with your living space! Lovely greetings, Danijela Saponjic

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