What type of life situations can Feng Shui help?

As you know, it’s not my style to explain too much. I’m content as I am! That’s why I will ask you a few questions today. Ready? Let’s get started!  

Have you ever experienced that…

…you have lived in your house, but don’t really feel at home – and I don’t mean the design or the furnishings? …you moved months ago, or even years ago, and you still have that feeling that you haven’t fully arrived? Maybe there are still some unpacked moving boxes here and there? …you have grown personally and spiritually and notice that the rooms no longer suit you – while at the same time, you know that moving is not the answer? …you plan a move and know with certainty that your new home should be your oasis of strength, clarity, and relaxation… and you see the end result you want, but not the path to make it a reality? …you want to bring new opportunities and new energies into your life and you know that your spaces play a crucial role in getting there? …different areas of life, such as career success, finances, family, health, and partnership are stalling, even though you do EVERYTHING to try to achieve success? …you have no words to explain it, but feel that something in the rooms is not consistent and in flow… No matter what you do, whether you change the furniture or the colors of the walls, the same feeling remains?   Was the answer to one or more questions YES? This is exactly where Feng Shui will be able to help you and bring success to your efforts! If the answers to all questions are a definite NO, then you have already come to know the power of Feng Shui and let it into your life.   

“Feng Shui is so much more than just moving furniture.”

You’ve probably heard that quote many times already. If you expand your perspective beyond simply moving furniture, decorating corners, and bringing colors into your rooms, you will experience that Feng Shui is much more. It can connect you with your home so that it becomes an oasis of strength and relaxation and you feel inspired to go about your everyday life.  In Feng Shui, you will find incredible tools to adapt the energy of your rooms to your personal energy levels, and to follow the universal law of attraction: the inner reflects the outer, and the outer reflects the inner. This harmonizing of your energy with the energy of your environment is an essential step to bring all your goals, dreams, and visions into fertile ground so that they can blossom. If you’re wondering where to start, check out my blog. There, you’ll find an abundance of important tips that you can quickly and easily implement.   With this in mind, I wish you a very relaxing week. Lovely greetings, Danijela Saponjic

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