The mystery of Bagua revealed

Learn why the bagua doesn’t work 100% of the time and what you can do to benefit from the activations.

Do you know the BAGUA? This easy Feng Shui tool divides our living spaces into 9 even fields. This was likely one of the first terms you encountered when you started studying Feng Shui.

You may have been quickly drawn to this tool for its ease and simplicity.

Overall, I’m very glad that the Bagua was developed because it has helped make Feng Shui more accessible and easy to understand. But have you ever questioned precisely why your life should change in one area or another, just because you place a certain symbol in a particular corner?

If you don’t want to go any deeper into the study old Feng Shui, I understand. You actually don’t really need to. When you’re first starting out, applying the knowledge of the bagua alone can give you a glimpse into the potential and power of Feng Shui.

But all too often, I see people dabble in the principles of the Bagua and then come back asking – Why does the impact of these changes never seem to last? It can seem like there’s a high that comes right after changes are made and then before long, the energy drops again.


If you’ve had this experience (or if you’re just curious to know more), check out these 5 tips for creating sustainable shifts in any area of your life.


1. The Qi River

Feng Shui is all about a harmonious and impeccable Qi River. If the motion has slowed down because of “lumber” blocking the way, or if the energy is leaving the house too quickly – no beautiful wall color or symbol will make a lasting change.

2. More does not necessarily bring success!

Another common mistake is that when someone wants to make a change in a specific area of their life, they load that area of their house down with symbols and things they hope will help. And then eventually, the area ends up looking like it’s covered in junk and clutter.

3. Where attention goes energy flows

If you want to bring a particular field of life into the river, bring awareness, love, and respect to it.  The Qi will follow. Pick one or two symbols that move you emotionally and have a meaning.

Here’s an example: In Feng Shui, the symbol of a pair of dolphins is said to help strengthen partnership. But if the individual has no personal connection to this symbol, it will not have the desired effect. Instead, take a happy picture of you and your partner. Or if you’re wanting to draw a partner in, pick a symbol which represents happy partnership to you.

4. The focus counts!

Focus on strengthening a maximum of 2 areas of life at a time. Why? Otherwise, the energy dissipates too much and hardly any noticeable differences will come.

5. Strengthen the heart of your living space!

This is by far the most important tip I can give you.

I wish you a lot of fun with the game of Bagua!

Danijela Saponjic

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