The 8 Feng Shui Spring Beauty Tips

A magical excitement is when spring is slowly but surely finding its way back to nature. Shouldn’t our living spaces be in on the wonderful energy of this time of year? When the spring sun awakens our spirits, an inner joy that is like 1000 butterflies fills our hearts. Why should our living spaces be any different?

Feng Shui is all about developing a feeling for spaces and having an intuition about what they need. This approach gives rooms, and ultimately you, much more energy than putting a specific symbol in a particular corner.

So let’s start working together to do some good for your spaces and help unleash those butterflies.

The winter was long

The energy of winter is slow. The powers in nature have withdrawn, waiting for the warming sunbeams. This rubs off on people and also on our living spaces. We can not escape the influence of nature, because we are born of it and have a strong connection to it – even if we often do not notice it in everyday life.

I have put together 8 spring tips for you to bring fresh and lively life energy into your rooms. These tips will ensure that spring tiredness will not be an issue for you this year!

Tip 1: Refresh indoor plants.

The dry heating air is not only a challenge for our respiratory system, but also the plants in our apartments, houses, and offices. Treat the houseplants to a refreshing shower in the bathtub. Let the warm water pattern over the plants like a summer rain. After that, they will not only be dust-free but will also regain energy, shine in a beautiful green and improve the air quality in the rooms.

Tip 2: Refreshing order on the whiteboard

Take a look at your bulletin board or where to hang your shopping and to-do notes. Be it in the kitchen, on the fridge or in the hallway. And? Is everything clear? If so, then read the next tip. If you want more overview, I can recommend two solutions:

Solution 1: Transfer all notes to a block that is always at your fingertips. Separate yourself from various (self-adhesive) notes.

Solution 2: If you are more of the digital type, then I recommend you a great app. is an excellent replacement for the traditional ToDo list. In addition, the design is interesting and funny.

Tip 3: Next, let’s breathe air to your wardrobe…

As soon as it gets warmer outside, it is time to adjust your clothing to the new season. If you do not have a closet or basement for storing seasonal clothes, I recommend transparent clothing boxes. The scarf and cap will then be found faster when winter knocks on the doors again. To save time and the question of “what do I wear?”, a stylist’s trick helps. Just put together a few great outfits, take pictures and paste them on the inside of your closet doors. Now you have the best combinations at a glance and just have to select one with little thought.

Tip 4: Winter is a sluggish season, time to bring color into the game.

Support the “awakening” by bringing fresh and bright colors into your rooms. Fabrics and accessories offer numerous possibilities, e.g., curtains, pillows, blankets, pictures or plant pots. Pastel yellow, creamy white and bright green or turquoise tones radiate luminosity throughout the room.

Tip 5: Let the sun in.

Sunbeams have extraordinary energy, apart from the fact that our bodies need them to form Vitamin D. Clear the windowsills and move large plants out of the way. Pull the curtains. You will be amazed at how much brighter it will be in your apartment or home.

Tip 6: Wake the Qi out of hibernation!

In the past few months, the qi flowed more slowly, which slowed us down too. This circumstance favors the accumulation of junk, which stagnates life force energy. You can remedy this by clutter clearing and removing the dust. The only thing you need is a big bag or a box. Go through the rooms of your home and collect everything that appears to you like junk. Just liberating the rooms from unnecessary baggage will make them breathe easy and get the Qi moving.

Tip 7: Create a Vision.

Do you already have a vision board? A kind of pinboard or picture that shows where you are headed? This is a place to write down your wishes and goals, or glue them on in the form of pictures or paint, so you always have your vision in mind. With these shifts, you will notice a change in your energy and focus. You are creating space for your dreams to become reality.

Tip 8: Bring nature into the house.

Create a wonderful habit… Surprise your habitats regularly with fresh flowers. Bring in typical spring flowers, dominated by white, yellow and orange. Aim for something fresh and colorful on every table. Great side effect: Especially spring flowers smell strong, as they should attract insects for pollination – and that refreshes the whole apartment and attracts Qi.

Now it’s your turn. If you implement a tip every day, within a week, you will hardly recognize your home and you’ll feel a new sense of energy and liveliness.


I wish you lots of fun!

Your Danijela Saponjic


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