Success Through Giving In

You know the feeling when you’re told you need to do something specific at a particular time? Maybe it’s something like getting a blog post written by a deadline. I get advice all the time about what I should do when. But sometimes when it comes to actually doing it, I just don’t feel inspired. I’m not in the mood to write for example or the words just aren’t coming to me.

This is a situation everyone encounters at some point.

So, how do I handle this when it comes up? Believe it or not; I give in!

I give in to my intuition and follow the path it leads me on. Listening to this inner intuition is important! Because if you do this, the things that once had to be done at certain times and all of the other nagging items on your to-do list will become things that come from the heart.

This was actually the case with this particular blog entry, which I can now write in a relaxing environment. Find the fun again and give in to make the thing that feel like a draining task into a passionate one.

What does giving in have to do with Feng Shui?

Both in rooms and in your body, the life energy is your guiding force. Feng Shui helps to make the qi, i.e. the life energy, flow in rooms and spaces. Acupuncture stimulates the qi flow in the body. If you stiffen yourself inwardly, this flow will not continue in your life. When the qi-river stops, so does life! Don´t let this happen!

The influence of sleeping on your successes

I want to tell you a story about my life. I have four children and a lot of work – this is a guaranteed formula for a lack of sleep. One Sunday I was exhausted, but I didn’t want to give in to tiredness because I didn’t want to lose valuable work hours. So I continued working and was completely tense and tired after a short time. My energy flow completely stalled. Soon I noticed the same pattern in my business. Things were moving slowly and I started to wonder why.

The Sunday I just told you about was the day I got fed up. Continuing to push myself was simply not the solution. So I grabbed my youngest son, Luka and went to bed to finally get some sleep. Three hours later, my little one woke me up and I was relaxed and full of energy. My inspiration was back in no time! For weeks I had been wondering why I had been struggling. Come to realize, it was just the fact that I didn’t want to give in to my body’s desire to rest.

I don’t want to tell you what to do or how to organize your everyday life. Nevertheless, I would like to give you the advice that sometimes, you just need to listen to your body and give way. Sometimes giving in is what gets your energy flow going again!

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