Refreshing Order for the Desk

The weather is warming up here in Germany. Spring is coming quickly and as every year, brings with it an active energy, which we can use to fuel a fresh start. Bring fresh air into your workplace and inspire your ideas and your company.

Now when you look at your desk and look around the office, what do you see? A dusty phone? Magazines and books that you want (or wanted) to read? Post-its hanging around your screen and always reminding you of tasks waiting to be done? A few hundred emails in your inbox? An overflowing filing system? I could continue the list, but I’d rather give you some tips on how to change things!

  • Take a few minutes to clear your work area of dust. In winter, significantly more dust particles fly through the rooms because of the ongoing heating. Do not leave out the space behind the screen and printer. Your workplace will shine even after this one little shift.
  • Remove all post-its from the screen, desk, or whiteboard and transfer them to a notepad. If you want to do without paper, then I recommend a great app. is an excellent replacement for the traditional ToDo list. And it’s great design makes it enjoyable to use.
  • Do you really want to read the newspapers and magazines or is the information contained there outdated and obsolete? Retake a look at your piles.
  • Clean your e-mail inbox. How many emails are there? 500, 600 or more? Archive information you still need and delete everything else – even from the Deleted Items folder. Keep only current correspondence.
  • Put new order and organizational systems in place. With this, you can beautify the workplace in the long term. A uniform system makes the workplace seem tidy, even in the case of great work chaos.

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