Other Countries, Other Energies. My trip to the USA

“It’s about me raising to serve a mission, not the mission bowing down to match my limited strengths.“ Brandon Burchard

I love podcasts and audiobooks! Since I discovered these resources, I always drive under or at the speed limit, because I’m no longer in a hurry to get out of the car :-). Every minute of driving time is full of inspiration and learning for me.  The disadvantage, however, is that I can’t take notes in the car. But when Brandon Burchard read that sentence in his book, “High Performance Habits,” I had to stop the audiobook. I parked my car and had to write the quote.  In these words, there is a whole philosophy for me; an entire way of life.  To find fulfillment in each activity is a blessing. I still remember when I was working on projects in companies as a project manager. By Sunday, I already felt sadness and melancholy spread in my heart knowing that the work week was about to start. I often woke up on Monday with stomach aches. I just thought, “Oh man, if only I had more Feng Shui clients! Then, I could let all these projects go.” I did Feng Shui and project management together until about 10 years ago. I had great customers, great projects, and excellent sales at my project manager job, so it was damn hard for me to say NO. I wanted Feng Shui to flow with more ease, and then to reduce my marketing. One Sunday, the melancholy crept up again, and this time it was so bad that I let my tears run wild. I cried myself to sleep, hoping it would get better the next day. 

But things did not improve on their own — I had to make a decision. 

If someone had watched me, they probably would have thought: This spoiled brat. She has a great job, is self-employed, in a happy relationship… (and at that time, I had three children). So everything is SUPER.  Do you know this feeling? That you don’t dare to actively change something just because it seems so perfect on the outside?  During that time, I felt that it’s neither about me nor about the outside world — but about my mission! What did I want to do in life and what did I want to leave behind? Yes, Feng Shui was one of the gifts I wanted to leave through my legacy, yet there was so much more. For a long time, I was tormented by the feeling that I was standing in front of a huge dam and I knew that my mission and my path were waiting for me on the other side of that huge concrete wall. But, I didn’t see any way in sight that I could climb the wall or open the dam…  Because of this question and this feeling, I’ve gone through countless coaching sessions, meditations, and healing ceremonies to understand the puzzle of my mission, and piece it together piece by piece.  I always knew that Germany is my base, but the world is my home. I also knew for years that I have a special connection to the USA. Not that I would want to emigrate there — but whenever I was there, I had the feeling of being at home. 

So the doors for the US opened last Spring. 

I went there to give lectures, to heal the land, to connect with people and with the earth. In doing so, I realized: other countries, other energies.  When I started with the SpaceHealings and Land Healing, I immediately realized that North America has different earth energies than Europe. It’s also logical; we have so much more modern patriarchal history in Europe than North America. The emotional interference fields are different between the two, and very intense and dominant. Once again, it became clear to me that we humans leave traces that have a lasting effect and influence us deeply. So, the earth was my teacher during these two weeks. She taught in a low voice and spoke directly to my heart. She filled me with clarity, strength, and her unconditional love.  At the same time, I gave three lectures about my work and the philosophy of SpaceHealing. The challenge was not only to get my work across to a whole new audience but also to do so in a different language! Just as I began to translate my teachings (which I have shared for many years in Germany) into English, I quickly became frustrated. I realized that so much was lost in translation, and I wasn’t saying what I truly wanted to say! It was angular and edgy, and came from my mind and not from the heart.  

So, I gave up trying to translate my lectures.

Just before the speech, I went outside, sat in the grass, touched the earth, and looked up to the sky. I asked both forces for the right words and support.  I went to each lecture equipped with only a simple mind map and without any further preparation. I sat down with the audience and started to talk. The result was an overwhelming sense of gratitude, curious faces, lots of AHA moments, and lots of feedback on the results that came after the listeners implemented changes in their spaces and their lives.  So, the secret lay in trust… 

Why do I share this with you, and what does Feng Shui have to do with it?

  • Feng Shui is the source that has linked me to my mission to open spaces for people to bring their visions to life, discover their connection to nature, and tap into their natural source of power. Maybe Feng Shui can also open doors for your mission! Have you ever thought about this?
  • I want to share inspiration with you! It is always a joy and inspiration to read when someone shares their stories and achievements. When I see that he or she has reached a goal or realized a dream, I celebrate and I learn from it with them. Sharing joy has such incredible power, even if I don’t know that person. It’s also fills me with confidence to think that if someone else can “do it” – then I can do that too. And so can you, if you like! 🙂
  • Stay tuned into your dreams! I write this with full conviction. I’m not saying that it’s always easy or that it happens overnight. My way was filled with a lot of (passionate) work, with many conversations, lots of cooperation, and mentors. Step by step, the paths open up. I admit, sometimes it’s hard to stay tuned in and take the next step after a setback or a bad email. But it has always been worthwhile for the people I work with and for me.
I am delighted to hear from you and send light and love your way from beautiful Lake Starnberg! Lovely Greetings, Danijela Saponjic

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