Make Yourself Happy

You know the feeling when you have something urgent that needs be done but you just don’t feel like doing it?

Whenever I think about that feeling, what immediately comes to my mind is time in school. With exams ahead, my apartment was always super neat and tidy and the garden cared for. I even developed into a bit of a chef, sometimes conjuring up whole menus…. it’s not that I had the extra time, I just did not want to study! So I made everything else more important. I had so little desire to learn but I knew that with exams looming, I would have to get to work eventually.

Somehow it always worked, but it was never a good feeling. I’m a practical person, so it just didn’t make sense.

Overcoming the urge to procrastinate doesn’t stop after school or graduation. It’s like a red line that runs through life. Be it at a professional level or in a relationship. You will always have obligations to fulfill or somehow to satisfy. But where do YOU fit into the picture? What makes you happy?

I want to tell you a story that I often tell my clients. Unfortunately, the author is not known…

It’s the story about the family with the donkey:

Once upon a time, there was a married couple who had a son and a donkey. They went traveling to get to know the world, so they set out with their donkey.

In the first village they passed, they heard people talking about their boy sitting on the donkey: “Look at the villain, he’s sitting on the donkey and the parents have to walk.” They did not want their son to hear others talking badly about him, so the man sat on the donkey.

In the second village, the man was told that he was outrageous – he was sitting on the donkey and his wife and child had to walk. So he switched with his wife and she sat on the donkey.

In the third village, of course, people gossiped about the woman. About the fact that her poor husband has to work all day and then he cannot even sit on the donkey…. and the child has to live with such a mother. To avoid further accusations, they all three sat down on the donkey.

In the next village, the family  heard the people talking about the poor donkey…  they said they would break the poor thing because they are all three on his  back. So they all got off.

In the next village, they heard, “Look at these three idiots. They run, though their donkey could carry them.”

What do I want to tell you with this story? The conclusion from the story is best drawn by yourself. Nevertheless, I think that to lead a free life, we should decide for ourselves what will make us happy.

What does this have to do with Feng Shui?

By designing your rooms according to the principles of Feng Shui, you can bring Qi into a harmonious flow. But you will achieve even more if the flow of life energy in your heart is melodic. 

These two principles can help you with the implementation:

• Do not let your life reign from bad moods or negative feelings, but from love! Love everything that comes to you today. Even on the rainy days, find a way to enjoy and love them.

• Make yourself happy first and make something in your life which truly brings you joy!

If you make sure that love and life energy flow in your heart, Feng Shui will have a profound effect.

I wish you every success and infinite happiness!

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