A letter to myself

Do you ever wonder how your life would turn out if you could give your past self some advice on what course to take, what decision to make, when to trust your intuition, and when just to believe in yourself?

I used to ask myself this question quite often… What would have happened if I’d listened to my intuition and left Germany to live in the US when I was 21?

What would have happened if I had hired a coach when I was starting my company in 2005? Would I have grown faster and farther as a business owner and as a person? What if I’d had someone to help me see my value, and the value of my Feng Shui Consultations? (Instead of doing super powerful Feng Shui consultations for 150 € I probably would’ve charged more than three times that amount and made a whole lot more money!)


With these questions in my mind and heart I wrote myself a letter:


Dear Me in 2011!

I am sitting here ten years into the future, and there are some things I think you really need to know… 

At the moment, you have three beautiful children. Be prepared to travel to Hawaii in 2014, and one year later, you will welcome your fourth child.

I know it scares you right now because it’s been a hard road to try and keep your business going and raise your children. But this time, everything will change. 

Trust me.

You will grow your business from making 15.000 € a year to 200.000 € a year! You will take this leap, not by learning and applying a “miracle strategy,” but because you will step out and be bold. You will learn how to align your energy to the energy of your business, and you will trust your intuition and take inspired action. Figure that!!! 

Get ready to spend three months out of the year (with your family) out at sea. I know you have always dreamt of doing this. At the moment, it seems impossible because you still think that you can only create an income when you are at home hustling. THIS will change – just as you wish right now. 

I don’t say that it will be easy, BUT it’s simple once you get bold, feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Future YOU 


You know what my biggest lesson was from writing myself this letter?

I realized that I actually don’t need to time travel in order to get great advice from myself. I saw that all the advice which I would have given back then is the same advice I can give myself now and also for the future:

  1. Live is always holding more for you. Open up to receive the gifts

  2. Building business is more about energy than strategy. Focus more on playing than controlling.

  3. Dream BIG and believe in your dreams. You can make everything that you desire happen with a pure desire and clear intention.

And I would add one more thing:


aka: get a Mentor, a VA (much sooner then you think you’ll need them), and ask for help!


How about you?

What do you wish YOU had known 10 years ago?



P.S. Working with a Mentor really has changed my life within weeks!

When my clients begin their work with me, they change their lives and businesses within weeks!

If you are ready to level up your life & business with the power and magic of Feng Shui book a free discovery call to explore what is possible for your life and your business with private mentorship or with my Feng Shui certification & business training.

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