How to Resolve Energy Drainers

Are you tolerating things that are draining your energy, called the energy drainers?

Whether it’s small things like unfinished chores, or big things like unease in a relationship… it’s time to reclaim your energy and your peace.

As you clear the energy drainers from your space and mind, you will free up so much energy, attention, and vitality and start seeing new opportunities unfolding. This is what my clients experience all the time.

I believe that letting go of energy drainers can be FUN, simple, and easy. Let’s get started!

What is an energy drainer, and how is it different from clutter?

Clutter is something you don’t need, something you don’t love, or something you don’t use.

Energy drainers are different because most of the time, they are things that are broken or not working correctly. Energy drainers take up space in our homes and our minds.

To easily identify an energy drainer in your life, think of the things about your home that fill you with a feeling of stress, or that you know you eventually need to fix.

Oftentimes, an energy drainer is easy to fix, but we delay it and let it become the “new normal.”

When we do this, we carry them around in our minds and this creates a huge energy of resistance and dissatisfaction… especially if we have many different energy drainers all at the same time!

All this costs us SO MUCH energy, which impacts us when we want to create something new in our lives.

Here are some examples of common energy drainers:

  • Pens that don’t work, which you keep putting back in your purse or drawer
  • A toilet that runs after you flush it, wasting water
  • A broken cupboard
  • A closet door that is hard to open
  • A messy car you’ve been meaning to clean
  • Unfinished books you don’t actually want to finish
  • A malfunctioning device, such as your phone
  • Clothes or shoes that need repairs
  • A relationship that fills you with anxiety when they call you
    • (Note: There is no need to let go of these friends, but you can talk to them honestly and let them know what’s on your heart.)

How do energy drainers impact your life?

Energy drainers “tie up” a part of your energy.

Let’s say you have 100% energy. Now, imagine that every energy drainer in your home uses up a part of your awareness.

Each energy drainer, depending on how much stress you feel, takes up some of your precious awareness and energy. Quickly, that 100% decreases more and more, until you may be operating at a norm of 50% or less!

So, the more energy drainers you have, the less awareness you have for your everyday life… and this leads to missed opportunities.

For example, if your head is full of things to do, you will feel scattered and torn between what you “should” do and what you “must” do. This leaves no space for new creations and new opportunities to fully “land” in your life. An opportunity may come your way, but you could be too busy thinking, or not have enough capacity to take it on.

That’s why I help my clients let go of energy drainers – so that they can bring their full awareness and energy back, and be more happy, present, and aware in everyday life. That way, if opportunities come their way, they are able to seize them!

Now, let’s get into HOW to let go of energy drainers.

3 Steps to let go of energy drainers:

Step 1: Make a list of your energy drainers.

When you put your energy drainers on paper, they’re out of your head… and you can now accomplish them in an organized way.

Write down all the things that need to be fixed in your home and in your life, including relationships that you feel anxious or stressed about. This list can include everything you feel you “should” do, and everything you feel you “must” do. (The goal is ultimately to utilize your energy to do the things you WANT to do.)

Just imagine how much energy you spend worrying about things and managing the to-do list in your head. Putting it down on paper will help you reclaim so much energy!


Step 2: Prioritize and create an easy plan.

For this step, I recommend three colored markers – red, green, and yellow. You can use these colors to highlight or mark the energy drainers on your list.

  • Use red for the energy drainers which really upset you and cause you stress.
  • Use green for the energy drainers that don’t upset you, and don’t cause you to feel stressed at all.
  • Yellow is for the ones that are somewhere in the middle.

Once this is finished, create simple tasks. You may choose to do 1 per day, or 3 per week. Ensure as you create your action plan for each week, that you mix up a combination of tasks that feels easy for you.

For example, if you decide to do 3 per week, don’t choose three red energy drainers! These may be difficult to solve, or require lots of time and attention. It’s important to create a good mix for yourself that feels easy.

An ideal balance may be to do 1 red and 2 yellow per week. Your green energy drainers aren’t very important, so first focus on the ones that really drain your energy.


Step 3: Be mindful in the future.

It is important not only to clear your energy drainers, but to change your relationship to them in general.

In the future, next time you think “I should do this,” pause a moment and think… “Do I really want to do this, or is it adding another task to my list?”

To use a personal example, I’ve been VERY inspired with many new ideas for my business. Yet, I don’t want to fill up my calendar and work on all of them at this time. Therefore, I decided I didn’t really want to do them all now. Right there, I eliminated many things I previously thought I “should” do.

Another way to be mindful in the future is to repair something right away instead of waiting several days or weeks.

On the other hand, if something arises in your life that you can’t do immediately, add it to your list so it’s out of your head. Then, keep your list on your desk and don’t worry about it… simply accomplish your priorities.

When you clear your energy drainers, you’ll feel so much lightness and clarity. You’ll also be open to new opportunities that will create beauty, flow, and abundance in your life!

I’m so passionate about energy drainers because when I do Feng Shui consultations with my clients, if their home is full of clutter, it’s hard to bring the chi into flow. One of our first steps of working together is to clutter clear and let go of energy drainers. That way, we can get the energy flowing in them as well as in their space and Feng Shui can really work its magic.


Ready to take your next step?

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