How to receive during Mercury in Retrograde

For years I thought negatively of Mercury Retrograde. Finally, I decided to get support to make peace with Mercury Retrograde. I had a session with a wonderful healer last week to help me get out of the resistance to bring the flow back. After all, everything in nature happens for our benefit, even if it is not clear at first glance.

Resistance on a personal level is like junk on a spatial level.

I learned a lot about the retrograde of this beautiful planet. Mercury brings forward the energy that we need to let go of. Whether it’s on a personal, spiritual, or material level, Mercury Retrograde will show us what we need to release. But it’s not only about decluttering.

Releasing during Mercury Retrograde is about:

  • Connecting with your heart (instead of “just” thinking)
  • Trusting your inner wisdom
  • Letting go of old problems, resentments, and anger (you are being supported to transform this energy in a wonderful way by Mercury Retrograde)
  • Dreaming and following your dreams
  • Going WITH the flow (this is NOT the time to try to push for something or go against the flow)
  • Loving and living life

Decisions, strategies, and planning are in the flow when Mercury is moving Direct, but when it is in retrograde, it is time to let the mind be and connect to your heart energy.

Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to let yourself be guided by the intuition and wisdom that each and every one of us carries within. It is time to listen to the whispers of your soul.

Now is the perfect time to…

  • go into stillness
  • breath deep
  • let your light shine into the world

Yesterday I was sitting in the car. The sky was already dark, it was drizzling, and golden yellow leaves flew against the windshield. Being caught in a traffic jam, I found myself thinking: This is nature inviting me to go inward. This is the magical opportunity of Mercury Retrograde.

This is where Feng Shui comes in! 

In Feng Shui, we are now in the time of the White Tiger, a time in which the active Yang energy is decreasing and the passive Yin energy is growing stronger. The White Tiger represents the feminine energy. Nature withdraws and at the same time, the harvests of the year are brought in. It’s an incredibly productive time. Much of what has been sowed over the course of the year is now ready to be received.

If you want to do something now to close this year with clarity, power, and in alignment with the energy of this year, consider implementing the following 3 simple steps into your daily life: 

  • Take a break and be mindful of what is actually happening around you! Far too often we are so caught up in our daily life, that we miss opportunities that are being laid at our feet by the Masters of Life.
  • Create a space of clarity on a personal and spiritual level. It’s the best time to declutter your mind, body, soul, and space.
  • Give yourself time and permission to receive. Implement a self-care routine. This is how you create spaciousness and expansion. By unwinding you open up your senses to receive.


Although winter is coming, it’s a great time to plant intentions that you can harvest in the spring.


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