How To Find Happiness In Your Home?

Have you ever experienced coming home from a trip thinking, „Was this experience real? OR did I dream it?“

I had this feeling when I was traveling to the US Virgin Islands in January 2016 with my 2,5-month-old son Luka. If someone had told me that I would ever have the confidence to go so far with my baby, I would never have believed that.

BUT I grew, I started to trust myself and life more and more. I also began to believe that everything is possible and that growth is a part of humans nature. Going on this journey was one of the most significant frequency shifts I had in my life.

Recently I have been experiencing the same feeling as I had returned from Bali three weeks ago. If you are following me on Instagram, you might have seen the beautiful pictures I shared from our SpaceHealing Training in Bali. The „Basundari“ (our unique retreat center) was so much more than a „location.“ It was a sacred space where we had the honor to learn, relax, and grow. But words could never describe what pictures can show…

Sometimes when I return home from deep-felt journeys like the one in Bali or at the Virgin Islands, the feeling of melancholy begins creeping in my heart and body. Although I know that home is the right place to be, my heart is asking: Can we all please move? Everything will be just fine – let´s move somewhere else… 

After spending time at these fascinating places which are exciting, unusual, charming, warm, and relaxed – home, it is just „normal” and in Munich often accompanied by gray clouds and rain. 

For me, it was no longer an option to go in this state of grief after coming home from my travels, because I was losing precious time and energy. 

This time I made a concuss decision…

… not to let this feeling destroy my reunion with my home and family. The solution was not to push the sense of melancholy or sadness back or ignore it; it was about a concuss decision to stay present, in the moment and to surrender to the feeling of deep gratitude.

The time in Bali was a time of healing

In addition to practicing gratitude, I have also devoted myself to healing, meditating, teaching, and being in service to the participants of the SpaceHealing Training. Bit by bit, I reconnected to myself and understood, what it meant to stay present and connected to my heart and soul, no matter where I go. Whether Munich, Thailand, Costa Rica, or Bali – it makes no difference where I am, as long as I understand that my home is where my heart and soul are. Because…

“No place in the world can become the key to your happiness.”

That is is the connection to Feng Shui.

Your home can not make you happy if your happiness is not coming from within. That’s why it does not matter where you are. In consequence, moving to a new town, renovating your home or a vacation at the most beautiful places on earth will not make you happy. 

Understanding this shifted my perspective entirely, and I realized, that everything is in my power. The love I give and receive or the happiness I feel it´s all in me already. 

Today it’s all about bringing this feeling to your home, so that it can nurture you even if you have an odd day. Here is my very simple assignment for you:

💫 Fill your home with happiness and love, simply by playing music, laughing and gathering with your family, even bringing beautiful flowers to your home. 

💫 Greet your home when you leave and arrive, like a good friend.  

💫 Be grateful that it keeps you safe and protected so that you can grow personally and spiritually. 

💫 Smile at your home, and it will smile back at you. 


That’s how easy it can be. Everything you need for this is already in your heart.

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