Honestly, I’ve been told I should take my blog in the direction of sharing more “Feng Shui tips,” but it’s just not my thing… Does that mean that all the tips out there are meaningless? Definitely not!

The thing is, these tips have already been shared time and time again. And although Feng Shui is an empirical science, each recommendation is specific to the space and the person and has to be treated individually.

Of course, Feng Shui is about space, but it’s more about the people who live in the houses than the houses themselves. It’s about finding out what the reason for the consultation, finding out what this specific business or office really needs, –discovering what is important to the individuals and above all, what objects they like to surround themselves with. For me, there is nothing worse than when a customer gets stuck on a recommendation…


It’s more about the feeling of the living space …

 If you want to integrate Feng Shui in your rooms, take your time and don’t worry too much about it. Sit at your favorite spot, close your eyes. Open your heart to your living or working space and connect. Feel whether there is an imbalance or areas that are not consistent for you. Linger in these places and find out what bothers you. Is it a pillow, a picture, a collection that has served as a dust catcher for years? These are important steps you should take before you even think about creating the love or wealth corner.

I like to connect by cleaning my apartment. You might be thinking: “Now she really is crazy!” But you would not be the only one. My friends and family routinely declare me completely crazy when I say that I’d like to give my cleaning lady a day off to cleanse my home with love and attention.

This doesnt mean you have to float around in a meditative state dusting and cleaning your house. Just make sure you have good music and a good mood. Put a few drops of rose or orange oil in the cleaning water and spread good energy.

This “measure” will give you and your living and work spaces so much more than an anonymous picture with any feng shui motif to which you have absolutely no reference.


On that note, I wish you lots of fun with your cleaning!

Your Danijela Saponjic

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