Get out of the snail shell…

Do you know the feeling when the alarm rings and all you want to do is put your head under the pillow and go back to sleep? We could venture to call this uncomfortable feeling, “fear of the coming day”. Sometimes we just wake up feeling that way for no obvious reason.

I went on the search to find the causethe trigger for this feeling. I decided to start by making comparisons… . One week ago, I felt great. So what happened in the last few days that caused this change? Everything remained the same in my external environment But a few days ago I received a phone call, a harmless one really, but it moved something in me. It switched my mind into a state of racing with absurd thoughts.

Then there’s the fact that everyday life is imminent. School, kindergarten, work and all of the day-to-day stress is already there. , And suddenly I feel like I just want to get away. Or better yet, stay right here in my cocoon at home. But off course, that doesnt work…

And it’s not really what I want. I love my life and there is no reason to be melancholy, but because these feelings are showing up, I realize that it can be even better.  Today I caught myself wishing the next week to pass as quickly as possible so I could finally board the plane. With these thoughts I knew I needed to make a change, it was time to scream STOP!!!!!

An ideal life – does it exist?

Personally, I don’t believe so… There will always be challenges that require us to leave our comfort zone, that make our minds paint horrible future scenarios. These thoughts threaten to take us into a state of fear and insecurity. They convince us to NOT want to leave our beds in the morning.

So when we get into these funks, what can we do?

Well, the important thing is that you notice what’s going on. Then you have three options for dealing with it…


  • You stay in bed …
  • You go through the day with that weird feeling and let it cast a shadow on your day (which would be a pity).
  • Or you can give way to feeling Pause and ask yourself where it comes from. What happened? Did anything happen? Is there a change or challenge? Write down everything that’s going on in your mind, keep a journal. I’ve been doing this for many months now and it always amazes me what comes up – the buildup of things inside me even when my external world is perfectly good.

Going into action can also help immensely… If you let it, the carousel of your thoughts will go around and around. By dwelling on those thoughts, you speed the carousel up again. But by doing something productive for your customers, your employer or your family – by getting your attention off of yourself and onto someone or something else – you’ll find relief. Suddenly you no longer have to worry about yourself. Soon the thoughts disappear and with them the negative feeling. What a huge relief!

Strategy 3 always works best for me personally. But it also demands the highest discipline.

So, go into action and you will be amazed what happens!

Best regards




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