Free Clutter clearing checklists

To unfold space you need to make space

Download my favourite clutter clearing checklists for quick results  

How can a checklist change something in your life?  

Well it can’t – but learning about decluttering AND taking action will. 

So don’t only download our inspiring checklists, but take immediate action – even one baby step will start to shift the energy! 

Ready? Let’s start!


  • learn why the kitchen is such a important space in your home
  • declutter your kitchen in less than 15 minutes
  • create a beautiful cooking space


  • learn how to let more opportunities into your home and life
  • clear your entryway in 5 minutes
  • create a spacious entryway that people will love to enter  


  • learn why it’s necessary to have a clutter free bedroom
  • tidy your bedroom in 5 minutes
  • create an oasis where you release the day and want to start a new morning

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