Welcome to the School of Spiritual Design

Your 6 month online feng shui certification to becoming a feng shui expert, grow a successful business & evolve spiritually

I invite you to drop into your heart when looking for your answers to the following questions…

Do you feel the calling to build a business from your inner calling, coming from your heart and soul?

Do you want to make a REAL difference in your clients’ lives by creating environments where they can truly thrive?

Are you looking for a new way to get even better results for your customers if you are already a healer or coach?

Are you ready to bring the MAGIC of Feng Shui
into your life and business?

Welcome to…
Unfolding Space: the School of Spiritual Interior Design

The Feng Shui Certification where spirituality meets science.

Unfolding Space is a Feng Shui Certification that will teach you everything you need to know in order to help people align their homes with the energy of nature, abundance, and love.

Through this 6-month course, you will learn a combination of ancient Feng Shui wisdom and Laws of Nature, along with ageless energetic and spiritual tools to elevate any space into its highest alignment.

This Feng Shui Certification is an advanced program

It is designed for spiritual teachers, healers, coaches, guides, and real estate agents who want to take their practice to a deeper level than ever before, expand their businesses, and touch the lives of their clients.

This Certification Program will create profound changes in your own life and in the lives of all your future clients. It is designed to bring alignment and abundance on every level.

Everything you learn in this program will be applied to your own life and your own space first. And this will guide you on every step of your path as you serve others.

Become a Feng Shui Consultant in 6 Months and start earning while you’re learning.

After 3 months, you will be able to start doing consultations and building your business. After 6 months, you will be fully certified by me personally and have a business that is running, abundant, and truly serving the world.

Learn your craft and become independent of space and time

This training is divided into six modules, where I’ll teach you the tools that make an excellent Feng Shui Consultant, without using computers or complicated programs. With your Feng Shui Compass, you’ll be able to work from any location and help your clients all around the world.

Online training and coaching

I will guide you every step of the way. The Certification is laid out in our Membership Area, where you will find all six modules, plus one bonus module on how to start building your business.

There are two live coaching sessions per month, where we will discuss your Feng Shui questions. You’ll get laser-focused coaching on your business in addition to spiritual Taoistic practices and meditations to support you along your journey.

We will spend time 1-1 auditing your business and ensuring that you’re prepared to step into the world of Feng Shui as a thriving consultant.

Find your niche

By learning how to unfold space with Feng Shui you will have a unique edge in your business. Whether you’re a coach, healer, interior designer, or real estate agent, you will see opportunities that no one else in your field does. This will make your work extremely valuable to thousands of clients. 

All of my knowledge is yours

20 years of experience with more than a thousand Feng Shui consultations and teaching hundreds of students to run their own 5- and 6-figure businesses.

Your Guide

Over the last two decades, every client has brought me new experiences that allowed me to only use the ancient strategy of Feng Shui. To integrate a more profound listening using intuition, heart, and soul. This is the framework that I teach from — the bridge of science and spirituality.

Eight years ago, I was called to start sharing my knowledge with the world. I felt that humanity was ready to receive a new kind of spirituality — a spiritual practice that isn’t just about meditating and hoping that money will instantly manifest.

I was grateful to see that so many spiritual practices are on the rise.

Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda are the new normal. Yet still, I knew it was missing the deep and powerful teaching about the influence of our space in our lives. 

I began to feel a deeper call within me and within the earth — a call for us to reconnect to the essence of who we truly are. At our purest essence, we are beings of nature, and we have disconnected ourselves from Mother Earth and from her life-force energy.

We have put ourselves in homes shaped like boxes that seek to keep the energies of nature out. It’s time to let nature’s healing energy in again, using ancient wisdom and spiritual tools.

Knowing about the power of Feng Shui, I knew that I couldn’t hold back my wisdom and experience any longer. So, I started to teach Feng Shui so that we practitioners can bring even more healing and light to the world.

That’s when this certification was born — and since then, over one hundred Feng Shui Consultants have been successfully trained and certified by me. These incredible women have been fully supported by our community on their path to transforming their lives, building successful businesses, and connecting to their true selves.

What my clients have been able to achieve

I got a clear idea on how to get my first clients and get my business going.


Online marketing consultant quits her 9-5 job and starts her Feng Shui Business while in training.


I am now using my Feng Shui skills in my Architect business!


Are you ready to stand out in your field & become a successful Feng Shui expert?

Is this Feng Shui Certification for you?

Calling all healers, teachers, coaches, and sacred guides!

  • Are you ready to embark on a new journey and create a new business?
  • You are looking for a new way to get even better results for your customers if you are already a healer or coach. 
  • You want to build a business from your inner calling, coming from your heart and soul, and to make a REAL difference in your clients’ lives by creating environments where they can truly thrive.
  • Are you someone that loves to create beautiful, sacred spaces and you’re ready to teach this art?
  • You are ready to tap into your genius and get support to move forward into a new life and business. 

“Feng Shui is all about the alignment of life with the sacred Life Force Energy, the Qi.”

Your journey includes – Your overview

  • 6 Modules of Feng Shui Training containing videos and detailed studying materials
  • Mandatory assignments and voluntary exercises
  • 2 online Q&A calls each month
  • Business coaching on how to start your business
  • Receive a simple structure and flow for your Consultation
  • Find your voice as a Feng Shui Consultant
  • Learn how to connect with your future clients
  • Understand basic marketing approaches
  • Practice how to write your handouts
  • Receive your final certification

Certification Curriculum

During our Feng Shui Certification we will dive deep into the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, learning how to apply this philosophy to you life and to the lives of your future clients.

Through this 6-month program, you will learn a combination of ancient Feng Shui wisdom and Laws of Nature, along with ageless energetic and spiritual tools to elevate any space into its highest alignment.

Module 1 – Foundations
Learn the ancient wisdom and philosophy of Feng Shui to bring Feng Shui into your home and integrate the principles of Qi flow. You will begin applying the practices of Feng Shui to your life.

Module 2 – Landscape in Detail
Understand how the environment around the house (nature, landscape, cities, and other homes) affects the people in the house. We don’t just look at the house — we look at landscapes and how Qi flows in landscapes. Learn how this influences the houses so you get a much wider understanding of nature’s laws.

Module 3 – Compass in Detail
You can begin consultations with clients! You will be able to use the Feng Shui Compass to deepen your consultations and be able to accurately help with interior design. You can tell the clients what colors are suitable for what rooms. Through this connection and working with the elements, you’ll get even more concrete in your practice to provide deep transformations.

Module 4 – The BAGUA
Apply the Bagua system accurately for your clients to activate certain areas of their life for more success in health, relationships, wealth, creativity, and career.

Module 5 – Feng Shui and Design
Learn to read floor plans and how to draw plans in alignment with your client’s style. You’ll learn ideas and techniques for how to craft an extraordinary experience for your clients. You’ll end this module knowing how to present your consultation in a way where it is holistic and professional.

Module 6 – Feng Shui and Business
Apply your Feng Shui knowledge to businesses (not just homes) and learn how to lead consultations for offices and retailers such as coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. You’ll learn the principles of negotiation and how to help people be more financially abundant, have strong businesses and careers, and a healthy money flow.

Module 7 – Business Feng Shui
How you build your Feng Shui business. Basic principles of marketing, copywriting, how to present to your clients, and how to get your first clients. You’ll learn the ins and outs of how to start and build an abundant Feng Shui business. Solidify your niche, message, ideal clients or target group. Also how to pitch high-ticket consultations.

Module 8 – SpaceHealing Basics
How to touch the heart of the space.

After 6 months you will turn in your Certification Paper for review. I will provide detailed feedback on it so that you graduate feeling 100% confident in your business. You will join our Unfolding Space Expert portal, where clients can search for a consultant nearby.

Through this course you will:

  • Learn how to start a wildly successful Feng Shui business and bring more freedom into your everyday life 
  • Fulfill your passion for opening up space for others to hear their own heart’s calling
  • Help yourself, your clients and your community create thriving and powerful environments
  • Learn the keys to creating abundance in your life

  • Learn how to make money even while in training

If you feel the calling…

… to bring people back into their connection with themselves, their heart, family, environment, and Mother Earth — Feng Shui is the greatest tool to carry in your toolbelt.

With Feng Shui, you can change people’s lives and guide them into harmony in their relationships, attract more abundance and prosperity. You create a calmer family life, sleep better, and step into their power as empowered creators of their lives.

My Unfolding Space Certification is based on Feng Shui, SpaceHealing, Mindfulness, and Awareness.

Your home is a reflection of your inner world.

Will you join me to become a master in the Art of Spiritual Interior Design for yourself and your clients?


I highly encourage anyone interested in building a Feng Shui business to be guided and mentored by Danijela.

Thanks for this Feng Shui Certification Program! I gained so much practical knowledge that I felt very confident to start with my consulting business while in the training. Danijela has a great way of communicating and explaining, even on complex topics. Her practical examples have always been educational and interesting. I highly encourage anyone interested in Feng Shui to be taught and inspired by Danijela.


I dove into the teachings and assignments with passion and an unwavering trust that I will attract my first clients after the first modules, and that’s what happened!

My biggest concern was the financial commitment and confidence — whether I could attract clients and start making money while in the training. I overcame my fear and decided to take the leap although I was insecure at the beginning. Needless to say, it worked out perfectly for me!


The most amazing business opportunities came into my life, that paid back the cost of the course long before it ended.

As a participant, you will quickly feel that Danijela is genuinely interested in your growth and success. She supported me in a very pragmatic business context, and also on the level of spiritual ascension. This combination makes her training a unique and powerful learning experience. I am infinitely grateful that our paths have crossed. The Feng Shui training became a blessing for my soul.


Online marketing consultant quits her 9-5 job and starts her Feng Shui Business while in training.

By working with Danijela, I got a toolkit of inspiration, knowledge, and energy to immediately put into practice, and started to attract my first Feng Shui clients. Many thanks for the excellent education and inspiration!


I got a clear idea on how to get my first clients and get my business going.

This Feng Shui training is excellent, and Danijela’s knowledge of Feng Shui is even better than I imagined. Danijela explains Feng Shui in a way that’s easy to understand and she shares through her own hands-on experience. I gained a lot of new, exciting knowledge and I left with concrete ideas on how I can work as a Feng Shui consultant. THANK YOU, Danijela!


I am now using my Feng Shui skills in my Architect business!

This course has broadened my view as an architect… I have become much more aware of the many practical uses of Feng Shui. I appreciate the practical approach Danijela teaches – she truly offers solutions for a western world.


Our homes are a reflection of our inner state of being.

It’s time for a global awakening in the way that we view our spaces…

and I believe we are here on the cusp of this awakening.

During this time, humanity is awakening to the importance of mindfulness, energy, and ancient wisdom. Previously shunned as “woo,” these words have become a part of everyday language. And energetic tools such as sage, essential oils, and breathwork are on the rise.

Feng Shui is the ancient spiritual art of aligning your home with the energies of nature.

Humanity is ready to remember this ancient wisdom, and you can help provide this sacred service to our changing world.

While day-to-day life is getting faster and more stressful for people around the world, more people are realizing how important it is to create our home as a true sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

With these changing times, there is a huge increase in how many people work from home, and how much people spend time at home.

Now more than ever, people are willing to invest in creating a home environment that brings peace and stress-free living.

You can serve the evolution of humanity through your gifts as a newly certified Feng Shui Consultant.

My Unfolding Space Certification is based on Feng Shui, SpaceHealing, Mindfulness, and Awareness.

Your home is a reflection of your inner world.

Will you join me to become a master in the Art of Spiritual Interior Design for yourself and your clients?

My Mission

My greatest joy is to observe the changes that unfold in each student during the certification. Seeing the return of clarity, vitality, and the glow in their eyes fills me with inspiration. Many students experience profound personal and professional changes. 

When you connect to your inner passion, people and situations come into your life that remind you of your power and your calling. Then, the doors naturally open for new and perhaps unexpected opportunities — and I’m here to guide you through this process.

I can’t wait to help you start this new and exciting journey to becoming a Feng Shui Consultant! 


If you join me on this path, you will learn Feng Shui, activate your intuition, build your business, and evolve both personally and spiritually. You will serve your clients with your wisdom, and steward them into alignment… all with the higher purpose of bringing abundance, peace, and love to humanity.


What does the application process look like?

Once you fill out the application, we will get back to you within 48 hours.

If I see that it’s a fit you will be invited to a Discovery Call with Danijela.

Is this Certification right for me?

Joining our School of Spiritual Design to become a certified Feng Shui Expert is by application only. Having basic knowledge about spiritual practices like Feng Shui is a plus, but not necessary. If you’ve read about the Certification and are feeling a calling, I invite you to apply so that we can meet 1-1 and see out if this Certification is the right one for you.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the program?

15 – 20 hours per month.

How are we going to stay connected during the certification?

There are two live calls every month and a private Facebook group for Q&A and support.

What is the private Facebook Group?

This is a private Facebook group that is only for members of the Certification. That is the place where we can meet, connect and share between our live calls.

How are the LIVE Coaching Calls conducted?

All sessions are hosted via Zoom. These sessions are recorded so that if you cannot attend live, you can access the recording anytime. You will have the opportunity to attend 18 live calls throughout the course of your certification.

Can I benefit from the program even if I miss the live coaching calls?

Absolutely! You can download the recordings of all sessions on our membership site, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage with our tribe in the private Facebook group.

Will I have lifetime access to the materials?

Yes! You will have life-long access to the membership site and enjoy all the teachings, meditations, and additional materials that will be added over time. You will be able to return to the teachings again and again throughout the different stages of your business.

What is the investment and are payment plans available?

Your investment is $ 6000.

If you pay in full, you will save $ 1000.

We offer 2 options for a payment plan:

  • Option 1: Three payments of $ 2000
  • Option 2: Six payments of $ 1050

What happens once I sign up? How does this work?

As soon as you sign up, you will get an email with your next steps, and a Welcome Package will be sent to your home!

It is a choice to say “yes” and evolve into a new Space, and embark on a new path.

The next SpaceHealing for professionals is happening Oct. 2020 in Ubud, Bali.
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