Feng Shui in the office – work without clutter

Feng Shui is often associated with success in business, which makes sense because Feng Shui’s goal is to create a work environment where you can live and work in balance and abundance.

However, before you start implementing Feng Shui in your office, you should get rid of unnecessary clutter. Because nature follows its own law: it fills up empty spaces again. So when you clutter clear,  you create space for new projects, contacts and cooperations. This is how you build a healthy basis for your professional success.


Why clearing out?

Take the test… Think of an overcrowded desk. It may already be overflowing and then you end up piling a few more files on top. How does that feel? Probably tense and powerless.

Wipe the whole heap out of your mind with a sweeping motion. How do you feel now? Freed? Happy to have a clear  workspace? This is exactly the feeling that comes along when you’ve actually cleaned up your desk in reality — not just mentally. Our many unfinished things, processes and files drain us mentally and energetically. Part of our attention literally lives  in those stacks and in the clutter. It’s the exact energy we’re missing when we want to attract new customers or start new projects.

If you do not have time to clean up due to your workload, I suggest you invest in a day off. It will end up paying off in the long run. On this day you can go to the office to clear out and clean up. Remember, although you’re at the office, you are on vacation and you do not speak to anyone. The computer stays off and your phone in another room.



Did you know that cleaning out is one of the best treatments for worry, stress and anxiety? If you feel overwhelmed by the clutter  in your office, just start with small areas such as a drawer or a storage basket. You will see, after you start you’ll gain momentum and it will begin to flow naturally. Each small step gets you closer to the end result.


Stay free!

To avoid letting the junk reaccumulate, it’s best to decide in advance how you’ll use your newly cleared space. This can also give the task a sense of purpose and meaning.

How to keep the paper flood under control:

  • Exchange your current, (usually too small) waste paper container for a larger one. This will make you dispose of excess paper faster. Over time, you will become aware of how much paper you are throwing away every day and you will think more carefully when to press the “Print Button”.


  • If you work with a whiteboard, use it only for current things. Everything that is done or out of date should be disposed of immediately.


  • Don’t get used to writing conversation notes or reminders on small sticky notes, because these notes pollute your mind and dissipate your energy. Get a bound notebook in which you can record and sign everything in a structured manner once you have completed a to-do.


  • If you receive a letter or an email, open it and read it, and answer it immediately. Drop the answered message or dispose of it to automatically reduce the amount of paper on your desk and an item on your To Do list.


And now Feng Shui…

After creating a stable foundation for Feng Shui in your office, it’s time to implement important and very effective Feng Shui measures.


Check your viewing or seating direction

Are you looking at a wall and sitting with your back to the door? Relaxed work is almost impossible in this position. In front of the eyes you have the proverbial “board in front of your head” and in the back, someone could “stab you in the back”. That’s why the positioning of the desk is the key to professional success.

Therefore, orient the desk so that you have doors and, if possible, windows in view. Then you can work with full attention.

A white, monotonous and bare wall as a view prevents a good flow of ideas. In Feng Shui, the principle applies: “What you see, you get!” Conversely: “Nothing comes from nothing!” If it is not possible to change the viewing direction, the wall can be embellished and opened with a vivid, open image.


The desk

In Business Feng Shui, the desk is an essential contributor to your success or failure. It carries our success, so a wooden worktop is preferable to a glass desk.

There should be no high and open cabinets behind your desk. These create a subconscious fear that something might fall from above. This creates inner restlessness. A simple solution to this problem is to close the cabinet with cabinet doors if it can not be placed elsewhere.


Make sure you have good lighting

It has been proven that natural sunlight is best for people and eyes. If your workplace is not lit up by enough daylight, you can switch to daylight-like light sources. Because good lighting promotes your concentration and motivation. Last but not least, it prevents tired eyes.


My conclusion

As a Feng Shui consultant, I’ve seen many desks and can say: a tidy desk means a clear mind which, in turn, gives you a sharper view of new possibilities and visions.

Don’t you think it’s time to bring freshness to your workplace? Voltaire said: “Paradise is where I am”. Why not in your office?

With this motto, I wish you a lot of fun while cleaning out and reorganizing.

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