Feng Shui for the road

We had long been planning a trip to Norway, to the Arctic Circle, and in June 2017 it was finally time… 4 adults and 6 children set out in 2 cars with lots of luggage and provisions. From our home in Munich, it’s  a total of 3,000km in one direction. Over the course of 13 nights, we stayed in 6 different accommodations. We basically never really unpacked our bags, we spent most of the trip repacking.


As for the accommodations: we did it all. A city apartment in Oslo, a cottage on the lake in Trondheim, a beautiful house in Mo I Rana with a view of the sea, a holiday home in Oppdal and not to mention, the cabins on the ferry. Arriving at one of the places we were meant to stay, the children did not want to leave the car and said, “Mom, we will not stay in this horror house!”. Luckily we were able to organize a new beautiful accommodation quickly. As exciting as it all was, the question arose again and again:


How do I make a home out of a vacation home?


I used to have a small Feng Shui vacation set, so I could implement some measures in each hotel room so we would be surrounded with good Feng Shui while on vacation. Today I do not take anything with me – especially since we already have a lot of luggage anyway.


Here are some simple tips on how to make your home a home away from home with ease, so you can feel better and relax faster.


  • Enter the accommodation as a guest (no matter how much money you have paid for it) and have a look around. Avoid forming quick opinions about what you find beautiful or not. Remember – these rooms are booked by many different people with their own preferences, it’s not possible to please everyone. Just stay neutral and observe.


  • Let go of perfectionism and forget about your expectations. This is especially true for private accommodations. Maybe the tap drips, a window cannot be opened, the dishwasher is broken or the location is not as central as you thought. In this situation, you have two options:

1. Get upset and latch onto things that bother you.


The result: all of the wonderful things will go unnoticed.


  • 2. Give in and become curious about what makes
    the accommodation special and beautiful in its own way. Decide to enjoy!


  • There may be items in the rooms that bother you (for whatever reason). If so,  just put them in a cupboard AND put them back before you leave.


  • Hotel rooms are mostly very uniform and impersonal. Take a few minutes to arrange your own things on the table, the bedside table and in the bathroom. By this, I do not just mean unpacking – but rather the deliberate placing and arranging so that the room becomes your own.


  • In a rare situation, you may realize that the accommodation is intolerable (just like we did with the “horror house”). In this situation you have to decide whether you will stay (in which case you may not be excited but you can choose to make peace with it) or if you’re going to leave and find somewhere else. Of course, you may have to pay a bit more money, but no amount of money in the world is too much to spend your precious travel time in a place you definitely DO NOT want to be.


And finally:


Turn off your electronic devices or at least go into flight mode. What we take for granted at home, is often forgotten on vacation. That’s why I do not want to give up this tip. Create yourself – as far as possible a low-radiation room just during the night.


No matter where you go your way, I wish you relaxing holidays, inspiring places and great new experiences.


“You can only understand life backwards.


You have to live it forwards “


Soren Kierkegaard

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