Feng Shui for love: what to do after a breakup…

When a couple separates, there is a gap; a void that is often filled with pain, sadness, or loneliness. A relationship is over. With the word “over,” often the event of the end of the relationship and the past memories are connected. Isn’t it true that the feelings of melancholy and nostalgia are associated with something being “over”? In these moments of looking back, we can become trapped in the past and not know how to move forward. We look closely at what has been, in deep reflection — for better (learning and healing) or for worse (regretting and drawing out the pain). Seldom are partnerships and relationships scrutinized as closely as the time when you realize it’s over.

But: every end is a new beginning! When something is finished, it creates room for something new. Nature has an elementary law — she replenishes empty spaces. So, when something comes to an end, there is a possibility for changes, shifts, and developments to unfold. But only if you are open to it and ready for it! When this time of ending comes, only you decide what steps you will take into a new beginning. You decide when it feels authentic to you to enjoy the newfound freedom or to start a new relationship.

If you are in this time of endings and new beginnings, I put together some important ‘Feng Shui for love’ tips for you.

  • Clean your living spaces — especially the bedroom — thoroughly. Wipe all surfaces and sweep all floors. Do not forget to sweep under the bed.

  • Do a space clearing — an energetic room cleaning — to purify the old energies that belonged to you and your partner. This makes it much easier to let go and start again.

  • Attune the room even more to your own energies. Bring more elements into your space to support and strengthen you. Be sure to leave room for a new partner’s energies to mix with your own.

  • Some Feng Shui books recommend buying a new bed. If you feel called, a simpler measure is to simply replace your mattress. The idea of this recommendation is the following: Your old mattress stores the energies of your previous partnership. A new partner will be reluctant to get in the same bed which his predecessor’s energy is located. But hardly anyone will express that consciously! It is usually felt as an internal resistance that can’t be put into words.

  • If you don’t want to buy a new bed or mattress, take a broomstick and knock the bed out thoroughly. Doing this will help tremendously in cleansing old energies. 

  • Make room for a new partner. In my consultations, I have experienced several times that dogs, cats or other pets have taken the vacant space in the bed of their master. If you want a human as a bed partner, return your pets back to their own sleeping place. 

  • Of course, you can strengthen the partnership corner of the bedroom. After the three-door Bagua, this corner is on the right opposite the room door. Here you can set up symbols and pictures that symbolize togetherness, love, and partnership. The best-known symbol for this is a pair of dolphins. Remember, it’s definitely a matter of taste whether you like this kind of Feng Shui symbolism!

The 3-Door Bagua

It is important that the symbolism you do choose is set up in pairs, and that you consciously shift your personal mindset to your wishes and intentions. When cleansing and designing your bedroom, don’t forget that you should feel comfortable there and create a space that allows you to get a good night’s sleep. Therefore, don’t implement Feng Shui measures that are not right for you! Look for another solution that is aligned with your energy and preferences. A good Feng Shui consultant always has several solutions to a problem.


With this in mind, I wish you a fulfilled new beginning! 

Lovely greetings,
Danijela Saponjic


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