Feng Shui and house numbers

Can the house number you live in actually influence or even change your character? It’s possible to a certain extent. But only if you personally are willing to accept it’s impact.

During my visit to Radio Antenne Bayern, I talked to numerous people about the house numbers they lived in. Even the critics would often admit by the end of our conversations that they recognized themselves in the characteristics described.

But it is best for you to decide for yourself…

The first step is to add up the sum of each of the number in the house number of your address. If you end up with a multi-digit number, add them again. For example if your address is 723 Cherry St. you would add 7+2+3 = 1+2 = 3.


Once you’ve found your number, read about it on the list below.

  • The 1 is the number that stands at the beginning.
    It stands for uniqueness and for fresh starts, but also the loner and loneliness …
    It stands for good ideas, creativity and for pioneers. Often 1’s  start to implement their ideas, but rarely complete them – which often leads their endeavors to fail.
  • The 2 is attributed the characteristic of lightness as well as inner and outer chaos. Maybe that’s why she also carries the topic of disorder – because people literally take their life and/or tidying up lightly.
    But of course, this number also stands for togetherness and partnership. For the synchrony between the partners.
  • The 3 carries creativity and curiosity. It’s funny to think – children often begin with their incessant questions of “why?” at age three.
    The 3 stands for sociability and aliveness. Here you are a guest and feel welcome as well as a great sense of well-being. This may sometimes lead to guests feeling too well and not wanting to leave.
  • The number 4 is for Asia what number 13 is in our culture. It stands for death and has a negative influence. But if you live in a house with this number, you can paint around the number a red circle (which does not have to be visible), and the circle keeps the influence of the number “trapped”.


The number 4 also promotes community. Residents of houses with a number 4 have an excellent connection to the people in their area and are down to earth. Success is possible here, but requires a bit more effort.

  • The number 5 in Feng Shui stands for the middle and the balance. The residents in 5 homes are the makers. They have a certain spontaneity. They tend to not think things over, but to act quickly.
  • In number 6, the inhabitants are thriving especially in their partnerships. But beware: the residents in 6 homes are more the donors than the recipients. Pay attention to where you are giving too much and stay open to receiving with a simple “thank you.”  
  • The 7 stands for perfection, beauty and wisdom. Properties most perfectionists carry in themselves. In this house, the order and clarity are apparent and success will come quickly.
  • The 8 is the Jackpot in Feng Shui. It stands for the material prosperity and for the inhabitants that means: Success in what one does.
    The 8 stands for wealth in Feng Shui and for infinity in mathematics. Unlimited wealth – sounds good!


It also stands for power – because money is often associated with power.

  • The 9 stands for the completion. It strengthens the ability of the resident to bring things to completion. It supports consistency – which also means that people are more successful here.

My tip to you:

If you like, write down all the house numbers you’ve lived in and remember how you were, what worked in your life and what did not during that time.

I wish you a lot of fun!

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