Does your home still „fit“ you?

Have you ever had the experience of coming home from a trip or a seminar and asking yourself, “What happened here? Why do not I like my apartment anymore? “Maybe you walk through the door and simply feel, “Something’s wrong here!”

A few years ago, a friend told me that she had suddenly felt uncomfortable in her beloved apartment after returning from a life-changing seminar. The apartment felt strange to her. At first, she didn’t know why, but in our conversation, she had an epiphany. “So many things shifted in me during the last month and my home wasn’t there to shift with me!”

I could not have said it any better myself. Changing her living space to reflect the new person she had become was now a top priority.

Another situation…

…when we often feel a strong urge to shift something in our home is when a relationship comes to an end. During these times, we desire a fresh start – a feeling of newness. Pulling the memories and the pain out of our heart is often a painful process. In this situation, it´s easier to start with the changes in our home. Any change in the living environment will support the inner transformation process.

I can remember that when I was a teenager, whenever I felt lovesick, I had to change something in my room. And when it was very painful, I even bought new furniture…

But it doesn’t always have to be such a significant change. Every year, when winter comes to an end and spring comes to life, you will experience this feeling. The cuddly accessories that were chosen in the winter months, mostly in muted colors, no longer fit to the vivid colors of spring. So, what do you do? Most of us jump into a spring-cleaning mode and full our homes with fresh flowers and colorful spring accessories.


 How do I adapt the “outside” to my “inside”?

Our home is full of memories. It reflects YOUR life, your personality, your desires, and your dreams. That´s why implementing ideas from a lifestyle magazine in your home does not work. These are perfect spaces that have been prepared for a photo shoot. Similar to preparing a model for the cover shoot. Don´t get caught up on these images of perfection, forgetting that they don’t represent real life.

Don’t misunderstand me! These spaces are an inspiration and beautiful to look at. But trying to perfectly replicate these images in your home is a stressful and fruitless endeavor. Why? You could order every single piece of furniture and accessory and have it placed by a professional at home, and yet, it will not have the end result you envisioned.

Of course, it is important to know what you want for your home, but it’s equally important l to know what your home wishes for. I believe that every house has a soul. If you connect with it, your home becomes a powerful ally and supporter.”


Now, what can you do?

Feel into your home and follow your intuition when it comes to choosing the new decoration. Try out what works for you AND your home. When you buy clothes you try them on to see what fits and what you like. This is exactly the strategy you should follow when changing your home. Try placing furniture differently or coloring the walls in a different color instead of only thinking about it.

This strategy may be slower and less efficient, but it will help you create positive changes that last AND it will connect you to your home. 

“It´s not houses I love, it´s the life I live in them.” Coco Chanel

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