Does knowledge mean having a choice?

If I gave you the following nine areas of life and you could strengthen one of the areas to transform your life completely, which one would you choose?

The 9 areas of life: 

  • Prosperity
  • Fame
  • Relationship
  • Family
  • Tai Chi / The Center
  • Creativity & children
  • Knowledge
  • Career & life path
  • Helpful friends 
When I read this for the first time, I thought, “I want all of them!” Maybe you feel the same way. But let’s go back to my question for a moment. Which area of life would you choose? Write it down!  A while ago, I was in Houston, and I had the pleasure of giving several lectures on Feng Shui and Space Healing. Do you know what I loved the most? That the listeners got a new perspective on their home and started to look at it through Feng Shui eyes. They began to realize that even with tiny steps, they can change a lot in their home.   Even when there is tons of enthusiasm in the audience, many don’t bring Feng Shui into their spaces because they don’t feel they have complete clarity. The literature on Feng Shui is overwhelming, and that can cause people to not try anything. This often happens because many statements in Feng Shui seem contradictory. So, the reason many people get inspired but never do anything is not due to lack of interest or desire; it’s that they DON’T KNOW how or where to start.  

This leads me back to the areas of life. Which one did you choose?  

I’ll tell you which one I chose when it was my first time and I needed to make a decision. I was already in a happy relationship, our first child was in the world, and I was already super happy with my job – so of course, I wanted to have more wealth! That was my answer at the time. 

Shall I tell you which area of life I would choose today? 

KNOWLEDGE.   If you know HOW, then you can achieve anything you want. Knowing the routes you can take to get to a destination is key. Above all, knowledge gives you the opportunity to choose between different options, and that is true freedom.   Even if what I am writing today is not a profound insight for you, it was a great AHA moment for the listeners and for me during my lecture. 

Now, back to Feng Shui… 

What would you do if you knew which Feng Shui actions to take (that are quick and straightforward to implement) to boost not just one, but all areas of life?  If you had this knowledge, you would have an abundance of choices. You would be able to consciously decide how to proceed. Isn’t that great freedom?  And if you took action on those choices, you’d be sure that your life would come even more into the flow of the river of life. Lovely greetings,  Danijela

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