Clear Clutter — Gain Freedom

At Feng Shui consultations, I tell my customers that changes in the outside (i.e. the new furniture, the new shades or the beautiful fountain) always cause changes to your inner-self as well. New ways open up, but each one has to happen on it’s own. Now, when you start to shed some of your emotional weight, you can find the new ways more easily because the process is supported by the external changes.

But now to the question:
What is internal clutter? How do I recognize it and, above all, how will I get rid of it?

Well, nature follows an elementary law: it refills empty spaces.

So, if you want to add something new to your life, then you should make room for it! If you’re wondering why I don’t just give you easy-to-use Feng Shui tips at this point, it’s because I want to get you to create a stable base that can handle significant changes well. Do not forget: Feng Shui is based on order!

When you start clearing out your living and working area, get some garbage bags and start whirling around the rooms. To clear out clutter inside, you need to find peace and quiet, be persistent, and be willing to work on your life. To illustrate how to identify your inner clutter, I have chosen three questions for you:

  • Are you looking forward to every day of your life? No? Then plan a moment of enjoyment for each day. This could be a reading session in your favorite chair with a cup of tea, a walk in the woods or a long bath with special salts. You do not have to do anything costly. Besides, what’s more precious than a little quality time to yourself?


  • How many SHOULD tasks did you save in your head today? List them all out and when you’re done, put away the list and reread it after three days. Have some tasks disappeared or have new ones been added? Think carefully about what you really want or need to do. The simple things are done immediately and the longer ones are planned using a checklist. These SHOULD tasks are the biggest burden we carry!


  • With what inconvenience do you go through your everyday life? Just think, these are often small things that can be solved with some discipline. For example: Are you always on time? Do you surround yourself with things you love? Is your car clean? Is your wardrobe filled with clothes you currently want to wear? Bigger inconveniences should be eliminated too. For example, ask yourself: Am I living in an environment that I love? Do I want to live in a (bigger) house? Do I love my job? Do I have the right man, the right woman by my side?

These questions will lead you to recognize what’s on your mind every day. What you carry in yourself as clutter. Sometimes it is so hard to let go that we push it away from ourselves by distracting with a plethora of tasks. Eventually, however, the mountain, which has become increasingly more extensive over time, will come back to you. My advice to you is to invest your precious time in your unique and very valuable life.

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