An Unexpected Way To Bring Fresh Spring Energy Into Your Home

After the immense snow masses we had this winter in southern Bavaria, I can’t wait for the spring to unfold. Luckily, the first warm sunbeams have already arrived in Munich. Nature is about to unleash its power of a new beginning.

It’s time for the annual rebirth in nature. Every year I am fascinated by the power of spring. It’s simply incredible how quickly our environment changes. Within a few weeks, the landscape is turning from gray-brown to a sea of colors, clearly dominated by the green.

Man is part of nature …

… and should live in alignment with the laws of nature. It’s always easier to “swim” with the flow of energy rather than against it. When nature makes a fresh start, we too can use this energy of newness and rebirth in our lives.
In the winter, we like to build nests – from cuddly blankets, muted colors and warm candle light. But spring on the other hand cries for pastel shades, warm fresh air, and open doors and windows …

At this time of year, you might be getting ready for some Spring cleaning.
I’ve had painters in the house for two days, giving the house some fresh colors and a clean look. And yesterday the first daffodils, ranunculus, tulips and hyacinths were planted in the front yard. It feels so great to be greeted by these beautiful flowers every day.

It’s time to say goodbye to the winter energy…

You can change the energy of your home by placing fresh flowers or colorful spring decorations throughout your home. But today I would also like to give you an exercise that will bring light and sparkling energy into your space very directly. The best thing about this exercise: It only requires 5 minutes of your time!

Let´s start!

The grace of butterflies is admirable. They fly so quickly through the air, they let the wind carry them, and usually, they settle on the most beautiful flower.
In today’s exercise, I want you to be a butterfly. Channel that energy to bring light and sparkles into your home. Ready?

Go into a quiet room and make sure you are undisturbed for 5 minutes. Now close your eyes, imagine you’re a butterfly and you are flying around the outside of your house. Then you see that the door of your home is wide open. Out of curiosity, you fly in, bringing brilliant and bright light with you. Wherever you go, you leave a trail of sparkling, brilliant light that spreads throughout the house until it shines completely. If you feel that there’s an area which is gray or dark, don’t just fly by, pause and let extra light flow into these areas.

Once you feel that your home is filled with this brilliant energy, land on the most beautiful place in your home that you can think of, thank your house for protecting you and open your eyes.

If you ever have the feeling that your home needs energy and clarity, do this exercise again. It could even become a daily ritual for you. You’ll be amazed by the energy shift in your home if you continue bringing love and light into it.

Enjoy your flight, and if you know someone who would LOVE to try out this exercise, please share.

I would also LOVE to hear from you. How did you experience your flight and, especially, how does your home feel?

“It’s time to upen up: Let the abundance of nature do her magic.”



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