Alright, let’s talk about GOALS… but not in the way you’re used to!

What do you think about when you hear the word GOALS? What do you want to achieve? How do you visualize or write down your goals? You might also ask yourself what you could do to get closer to the goals.

But I’m here to  tell you – start somewhere else! Complete all open tasks and activities! Before you do that, I wouldn’t bother with new goals at all.

These open tasks take away so much energy and attention that the chances of achieving your goals are pretty slim. If you manage to achieve them, they will have taken much more power, energy and time than is really necessary.

This statement goes beyond just a theory, it’s what I’ve learned through years of experience with perfecting a system for getting things done and getting to the next level in my business and life. As you may have noticed, I travel a lot. And I always have a string of project to attend to. For me, the final straw came when I looked at my busy schedule and realized in a flash that things could not go on like this. Too many appointments, too little time and too much exhaustion. Something was wrong. That’s why I created this system…

The five steps to clarity!

Step one: My first step towards achieving my goal was to get two days off, i.e. postpone or cancel all appointments. Then I sat down on my sofa, with a warm tea and watched a good movie and dozed off in between. At noon I was rested and ready to take some action.

Step two: Still lying on the sofa, I wrote down all open tasks and projects. Really all of them. I did not stop writing until my head was completely empty and my mind was quiet. Overall, I had almost 100 points items on my list, both personal and business related.

Step three: The structure. Personal tasks I marked blue and the business ones, red. I did some of the work right them by simply opting to remove some tasks from the list once and for all – things I realized I could let go.

Step Four: I made a plan. In one week, I completed the tasks one by one. There was nothing that could stop me.

Step Five: Then I celebrated! And you should do that too, once you mark the last item off your list!

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