8 tips for a relaxing day in the home office

Many of us are spending A LOT more time at home these days. Our living space is our school (for those of us with kids), our entertaining space, our workout studio, and our OFFICE.

The more time you spend at home, the more your space has an impact on you. Now more than ever, it’s important to create an environment in which we can clearly and powerfully shape our lives.

Today, I want to focus on the home office. After fully transitioning to working from home, I have a few things I do daily to set myself up for success:

1. Plan your home office day (even better your week)

This ensures structure and a good overview of the tasks.


2. Do a morning ritual to ground yourself

Write in your journal; move your body, clear your mind. Only 15 minutes are enough to wake up and connect with the day’s energy, your home’s energy, and yourself – because the energy of how you start your day will shape the whole day.

It is also essential that you give the rooms a positive VIBE to create a high vibe work environment. We can design the spaces perfectly according to the criteria of Feng Shui, but in the end, you are the decisive factor when it comes to creating powerful rooms.


3. Get dressed as if you work in an office

Exactly as if you were going to the office, because it’s not just about us working, but also how you feel about it. Your sense of well-being is reflected directly in the rooms. What you put into the rooms – you get back directly.


4. Only WORK in your designated home office (Big energy shifts in this one!)

Mark it out and define your limits. Regardless of whether you work in the living room, at the dining table, in an alcove, or your office at home, do not do anything that you would not do in a “normal” office.
If possible, don’t eat at your desk, don’t leave the television on, or do the household chores in the same space that you work.

If you have your workplace in a dark area of the house, ensure adequate light by brightening the room with beautiful pictures. Darkness and the resulting heavy energy depress the mind and erase any inspiration. You will already feel exhausted and tired after a few days because, in this case, your home office deprives you of energy and vitality instead of nourishing you.

Never sit with your back to the door, it disturbs your concentration, and you feel tired more quickly.

The workplace can also be chaotic, but clean it up consistently every evening so that you can start the new working day fresh in the morning. The same applies here: clarity on the outside promotes spaciousness and clarity on the inside.


5. Define your home office working hours

For yourself and your family. Create healthy boundaries that allow you to rest and b r e a t h e.


6. Make time for short breaks to recharge

Everyone needs to recharge their batteries, rest their eyes, and relax. It’s no secret that targeted breaks increase concentration and efficiency exponentially.


7. Discuss your daily routine with your family or household

Clarity ensures relaxation when everyone in the house knows that you’re at home, but in the office, and that you need space to focus.


8. Lastly, for parents who have to take care of their children’s lessons AND do home office…

It is better to start your working day later and organize lessons with the children first thing from personal experience, so everyone is relaxed and calm.

There is hardly anything worse than when the children are confused about what to do and what to learn. Remember, in school, they are organized by timetables and teachers. It is not expected that your children will know how to manage themselves and their tasks. This situation is new and unknown to them too.

I hope this helps! Feel free to schedule a call with me if you have any questions.

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