4 Easy Feng Shui Tipps To Boost Your Success

Feng Shui brings light, joy and a sense of lightness into the homes and lives of people, but Feng Shui is both an empirical science AND a philosophy of life. This means it isn’t just about implementing static measures in rooms and houses. One color here, one figure there … The Asian philosophers and masters thought a little bit more about it when they started to bring together the knowledge to form the teachings of Feng Shui.
For me, Feng Shui was never enough. Because I could never imagine why a specific symbolism in a certain corner could change my life. I hope this statement doesn’t turn you off to my work though, I promise, there’s more to it…
Do not get me wrong, a well, placed in the right spot in your living environment will support your flow of life – but YOU create the actual change. You want the water to boost the flow of money? OK, what will you personally do to get things rolling?
Do you want a certain health symbol to keep you fit? It may help, but what will you do to be healthy? Will you change your diet? Will you also renounce unhealthy habits?

I want to support you in getting what you want from the bottom of my heart. That’s why I am sharing my 4 step plan for making dreams come true with you today!

  • Ask yourself: What is your contribution to the life you dream of?
    I make a plan – not a wish list and I map out each step from start to finish. I take particular care to plan out the first steps carefully so that I don’t get overwhelmed by the mountain of work ahead.
    Ps. You can use this list for both personal and business goals. The content changes, but the strategy always stays the same.

  • “What you see is what you get!”
    I pick one or more pictures that show in some way, the result I want to achieve. When I arrived in Bali for the first time in 2017 I wanted to create the SpaceHealing training in that place, so I went home and hung a picture of a training room in the Jungle above my desk. Every time I looked at it, I saw myself standing there and teaching in front of a full room. That’s exactly how it happened …

  • Clear spaces – clear energy – clear goals
    Step 3 starts with a ritual. It is the moment when you come to rest, close your eyes and connect with your spaces and dreams. If you wish, you can write down your plan and put it on the altar. Of course, this step can be very intense, go deep and take a long time. But space is limited in this newsletter, which is why I put together a simple but very powerful ritual for you.

    • Make your altar with a candle, flowers, and gemstones (use whatever appeals to you) and put what you wrote under the candle.
    • Light the candle and close your eyes. Imagine, you are a butterfly and fly through the rooms. On your flight, you leave a trail of light that spreads throughout the house until it lights up completely. Through the light, you energetically transform the shadow that may have accumulated through everyday life.
    • Take your writings and read them to yourself and your house/office. Speak out loud what you are planning and ask for “strength and support for your project” at all levels of consciousness.
      When you’re done, say thank you.
      PS. You can repeat this step again and again because it brings you to rest and connects your heart to the space. If this ritual doesn’t feel quite right, feel free to change it up to fit your needs and style. Follow your feelings and your intuition.

  • Do you still have a Feng Shui prosperity symbol or a fountain? Make sure they are maintained and get your regular attention and appreciation. Then they will also develop the supportive power attributed to them by the Feng Shui scholars.

 Important! Please note that steps 2 and 3 only work if you stick to step 1!

All this is Feng Shui! All this is SpaceHealing! It’s all goal planning. Feng Shui alone was simply not enough …

“Don’t adapt to the energy in the room. Influence the energy in the room.”

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