3 Tips on what to do when you are leaving vacation

As I was preparing to head home from my family trip to Croatia, I wanted to share how I’m spending my last few days of summer vacation to be able to relax and prepare for everyday life back at home.

Use these tips at the end of your next trip to head home feeling light and spacious.


Tip 1: Declutter! 🦋

Look through all of the items you brought—your bathing suits, towels, clothes, etc. Do you need them all for next summer or can you part with some pieces?


Tip 2: Do the laundry ✨

Wash all your clothes, so that you can go home relaxed and back home you just have to put the clothes back in the wardrobe. It will free up time when you arrive back home and you can enjoy the rest of your holiday.


Tip 3: Do your self-care! ❤️

Use the last days of your vacation for self-care. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure, pamper your skin or meditate. At home, the organization of everyday life is waiting so there is less time for your self-care.


I find that doing these things helps me feel REFRESHED when I return home instead of feeling like I’m facing a long list of post-vacation to-dos.


Watch the video below for all my tips.

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